Q195 steel introduction and specifications

Q195 steel is Chinese steel grade of carbon structural steel, “Q” stands for Yield Strength, “195” means the Yield Strength is 195 Mpa, and Tensile Strength is 315 – 430 Mpa, the data is tested based on 16mm diameter steel bar. The physical properties and chemical composition are equivalent to

  • ASTM – Gr.B(σs185), Gr.C(σs205)
  • DIN – St33, S185
  • JIS – SS330(SS34)(σs205), SPHC(σs205), SPHD(σs205)
  • BS – 040A10, S185(σS185MPa).


Q195 carbon structural steel is widely used in China, because of its excellent integrated performance in strength, plasticity and welding, etc. Q195 steel can be made into a great many of steel products such as steel wire rod, galvanized wire, binding wire, welded mesh, metal fence, steel plates, steel pipes and tubes as well as steel angle, etc.

Below are datasheets to show the Q195 steel spesifications and equivalents:

Q195 Steel Chemical Composition

Chemical Composition
GradeC%Si% (≤)Mn%P% (≤)S% (≤)

Q195 Steel Mechanical Properties

Mechanical Properties (Mpa=N/mm2), Test sample: Ø 16mm steel bar
GradeYield StrengthTensile StrengthElongation %
Q195195 Mpa315 – 430 Mpa33

Q195 Equivalent ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS, NF and ISO Standard

Q195Gr.B (σS185MPa),
Gr.C (σS205MPa)
S185 (σS185MPa)
SPHC (σS205MPa),
SPHD (σS205MPa)
S185 (σS185MPa)
S185 (σS185MPa)
HR2 (σs195)